Serving Baton Rouge for over 16 years!   Only $79 for delivery in Baton Rouge area!

We offer convenient, timely delivery or pickup, for landscapers, contractors, and do-it-yourselfers.

Our farm outlet is located at 7104 Antioch Road, in Baton Rouge.  As most of our customers prefer deliveries, our store hours are usually abbreviated, but we usually deliver sod Tuesday thru Friday.  Please call us to schedule your pickup or delivery! 

Plant Sod in the WINTER??

For many plants, Winter is the best time to transplant them.  In our climate, warm weather grasses often go dormant in the Winter to protect themselves.  Transplanting them while they sleep is less stressful on you, and on them.  Typically, watering it one good time after planting is enough water.  Watering seems easy until you have to do it once or twice a day, every day for a couple weeks. 

Dormant grass wakes up with the rest of the plants in the Spring.  Meanwhile, you have taken care of your erosion, dust and mud problem.  Sod prices almost always go up in the Spring when everyone else thinks it's time to plant.

Our grass sod is FRESH! 

We simply want to supply our customers with the healthiest, weedless, pest-free and easiest to install grass sod.  We want to make your grass sod purchase as easy as possible, and an experience that leaves you thinking about how much you love your lawn, not about thinking about grass sod. 

In our climate, large quantities of grass can not sit on pallets hoping for a customer to call. 

If possible, give us 1-3 days notice for your multiple pallet orders... but if you need it now... Call us!!  If at all possible, we'll make it happen!

A pallet of our grass sod covers approximately 450 square feet.  Do yourself a favor and measure the area you want to cover.  Guessing at this almost never works.  See our measuring tips for help.  A pallet of grass weighs about a ton (varying with the amount of moisture on a given day).  Keep in mind that much of the labor involved when laying sod, varies by how near the pallet is to your target area.  When you have us deliver your sod, we will place it as close as possible to your work area.  Our forklifts are 7.5 feet wide.

Our customer base is primarily along the I-10 and I-12 corridor, from Lafayette, through Baton Rouge, Covington, New Orleans, Slidell, and Laplace. We try to keep an open mind when it comes to meeting our customer's needs, so feel free to call us if you're outside this area.

We're more in the grass sod business than the marketing and website business.  It's our goal to load this site with the information you need to select, measure, and care for your lawn.  Our site is new, and we're adding to it often, but please call us with any questions!!


Quality Sod Inc offers truly the best quality grass sod, at the best value, available in the South Louisiana region.

We Have Moved !!   New location is at 7104 Antioch Road, Baton Rouge !!      

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