By far, our best-selling grass sod is Centipede.  Relatively fine leaf texture, relatively slow growth rate and low nitrogen requirement (apply no more than 2 lbs N/1000 sq ft per year.)  Good disease and insect resistance, low maintenance requirement, moderately shade tolerant.  Relatively easy to install, forgiving, with aggressive cover.  Advantages over St. Augustine:  Better resistance to chinch bugs and brown patch, lower cost.  Weaknesses:  Less wear tolerance, does not perform well in shade.  1.0" to 2.0" cutting height.

St. Augustine

The classic selection that many of us grew up with under our bare feet.  A wider blade than Centipede, with much of the root system above the soil makes this grass feel as if you are walking on carpet with thick padding.  Requires more Nitrogen than Centipede (so plan to fertilize about twice a year for best performance). 

Aggressive coverage, good drought tolerance, and the best shade tolerance available.  1.5" to 2.5" cutting height.

Bermuda Tifway-419

Very fine bladed, dark green grass, often found on golf tees, nicer baseball diamonds, football and soccer fields.  A great choice for those who want something different.  Usually more drought tolerant than Centipede and St. Augustine, but typically requires more frequent mowing.  1/4" - 1" cutting height.

Empire (Zoysia)

Empire Zoysia is a registered product of Sod Solutions.  The medium bladed grass, with it dark green color is a premier selection.  With excellent drought tolerance, less mowing requirements, and high tolerance to traffic, this is a highly favorable selection.  Much more information at sodsolutions.com.

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Similar to measuring the inside of your home for flooring, the outside of your home can be measured also.  It usually is a larger area, and therefore not quite as easy done with a standard tape measure.

Most people can do a pretty good job measuring with their feet... as most people's feet are almost 1 foot long.  Tape measures, lasers, and rolling wheels are typically more accurate, so use them if you have them!

Area = Length x Width

We find it easiest to measure in feet.  (as opposed to inches, rods, yards, or acres)

Most lawns are not one big rectangle, so its easiest to divide your lawn up into smaller rectangles, measure them, multiply each length x width, then add those up.

Left side of driveway:  10 x 50 = 500 sq'
Right side of driveway:  70 x 40 = 2800 sq'
Left side of house:  10 x 25 = 250 sq'
Right side of house:  10 x 30 = 300 sq'
Back yard sect 1:  40 x 30 = 1200 sq'
Back yard sect 2:  30 x 10 = 300 sq'

Simply add the area of your rectangles:  500+2800+250+300+1200+300 = 5350 total square feet.

A pallet of grass covers 450 square feet, therefore divide the total of 5350 by 450.

5350/450 = 11.8, therefore this lawn would need 12 pallets of grass 

For those who like to measure in square "yards", 450 square feet = 50 square yards.

Our pallets cover approximately 450 square feet.  Putting more grass on a pallet saves room on a truck, but sacrifices the health of the grass on the bottom (and often creates waste.)

Grass Sod Pricing   (Spring-Summer 2023)

We strive to keep this pricing current, but please call to verify today's pricing.

Due to the weather, there may be periods of time this year where we experience a shortage of a particular selection

Centipede: $210 per pallet 

Please call to discuss quantities of 20 or more pallets.
Bermuda Tifway-419: $290 per pallet

Please call to discuss quantities of 20 or more pallets.
St. Augustine:  $290 per pallet

Please call to discuss quantities of 20 or more pallets.

Empire (Zoysia):  $290 per pallet

Please call to discuss quantities of 20 or more pallets.
Empire Zoysia is a registered product of Sod Solutions.  Sod Solutions has great information on this grass and others at sodsolutions.com.  Our farm is authorized to grow and sell sod developed by Sod Solutions, Inc.

Delivery for MOST serviced areas:  $79.00 per ORDER (not per pallet)  Consider splitting a delivery with your neighbor!  You know they need a pallet too!  In the Greater Baton Rouge area, we will deliver as little as 1 pallet.  Pallet weights vary with water content, but most pallets weigh approximately 2000 pounds.  Please consider this weight when contemplating whether to pick-up or accept a delivery.

Pickup is available at our store at 7104 Antioch Rd, Baton Rouge LA.  In an attempt to stock only fresh grass products, we often sell out, so please call before making the drive! 

Most of our customer's prefer deliveries, so often our store hours are abbreviated.  Please call to arrange a convenient pickup for you! 

Pallet covers 450 square feet.  (aprox 21'x21')

Feel free to call or TEXT us with questions, or to have us help you with measuring your lawn!     
(225) 610-4842

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Selection, Measuring & Prices of  Sod


Grass sod selection is largely subjective, and varies with personal tastes and experience, although there are a few factors that should be considered when making this decision.  We offer several varieties of grass, all which are suitable for our climate.  We also work with some other farms to help insure that our customers are able to obtain the type of grass they prefer, so feel free to ask us about any particular variety in which you may have an interest.