What to Look For in Quality Grass Sod


Day of Installation, Healing Place Church - Baton Rouge - March 2010

Isn't Grass Just Grass?

Just a drive down the block reveals many levels of grass quality.  Some lawns are thick, dark green, and make the perfect outdoor carpet for a beautiful home.  Some lawns are thin, sparse, some have lots of weeds, and certainly varying colors of green.

Sod farms vary in quality also.  Producing a good, "quality" sod requires the knowledge, desire, and resources to cultivate, feed, and rid the crop of unwanted pests.

We offer only Grade "A" sod.  Grade "A" simply refers to the allowable weed content in grass sod.  If you purchase anything less than Grade A, you are certainly opening yourself to many types of plants in your lawn, and at best, you will spend many dollars to rid yourself of these plants that we call weeds.  At worst, you will just have to live with unsightly, quick-growing weeds.

Sod comes with a base of soil.  Although soil is not always perfectly consistent, as it varies with moisture content at any given time, as well as the mineral and composites that physically make it, consistency is desired in sod.  A firm base of soil makes for much easier installation, and more importantly, it makes for a base that the roots can live in until they find their new home on your lawn.

Farms that do not have irrigation systems struggle to provide healthy grass sod, as they have to schedule fertilization around rain predictions, and during droughts they even struggle to keep their adolescent grass alive, much less healthy and consistent.

Farms that strive to have the absolute "cheapest" grass on the market, usually reach this goal by using substandard seed, less or no fertilizers, pest controls, as well as substandard weed control.

Then again, putting a high price tag on a pallet of sod doesn't make it the best either.

We recently had a customer tell us that they had spent thousands of dollars on "upgrades" in their new home, from light fixtures, to flooring, and plumbing fixtures.  They said that there was no way they would let $100 one way or the other make a difference in having the "perfect outdoor carpet" for their new home.

What makes for a "quality" sod?

Healthy, disease free grass
Fertilized properly for your installation (so you don't have to guess)
Mature grass
No weeds
No worms or ants
Consistent soil, that isn't falling apart
Little, to no waste

Delivery and/or installation per your needs
Helpful personnel to help you make your lawn thrive
Easy purchase and installation process
Good communication
A little more than you expect

We know that our sod isn't always perfect, but it usually is.  Our repeat customers like our pricing, but purchase our sod because of it's consistent quality.  Inconsistency for landscapers costs them time, and we all know what time is...

It is truly our goal to provide the best grass, at the best price.
Hear what a few of our clients have to say about us:

Your grass is so much better than the other guys'.  You've got all my future business!

-Josh Rivet, residential builder

That's the best looking Centipede grass that I've seen in a very long time.
- D. Toney, residential project manager

My dad is a horticulturelist, and the first thing he said was "Wow, that's some beautiful sod!"
- Phillip Brown, new home owner

This St. Augustine blows away the St. Aug I bought.   Can I get some more Saturday?
- Johnny Brown, homeowner

I've been building houses since 1947, and this is the best sod that I've ever seen, and your service was great!
- Malcolm Caillier, builder

If I would have realized that it was going to look this good, I would have had the entire yard sodded.
- M. Stone, new homeowner

We were able to use EVERY piece of sod from all eight pallets.  No waste!  YOU are my supplier now.
- B. Cutrer, landscaper

It's great that we can call you and get the exact quantity that we need WHEN we need it!
- C. Randall, project manager

Quality Sod just makes it easy to do business.
- J. Shriever, business owner/builder

I know I'm going to get consistent quality, delivery when I need it, that's why I order from Quality Sod.
-T. Bonnett, landscaper 

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